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About Me



 "Far away places with strange sounding names, far away over the sea…

Those far away places with strange sounding names are calling, calling me.”

                                                                                                -Lyrics by Bing Crosby


     As a child, I remember riding along the West Side Highway in New York City where the great transatlantic ocean liners would dock. Long before the names painted on their hulls became visible…Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Constitution, Ile de France, Mauritania, United States…I recognized them all by the color, number and slant of their smokestacks. 


     By the time I was old enough to travel, these great ladies were gone, replaced by speedier, more efficient air travel. But the magic must have lingered, because in the decades since, millions of people have rediscovered the glamour and fun of cruising, not simply to reach a destination, but for all the pleasures to be had along the way.


      For me, the first cruise was more than twenty-five years ago on Holland America’s Veendam. We sailed the western Caribbean, making memorable stops to snorkel with dazzlingly colored fish beside the coral reefs of the Grand Bahamas, and explore the mysteries of ancient Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza.


      Since then, I’ve shopped the street vendors of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, watched a cobra uncoil from its basket in Marrakesh, stood at the tables in Monte Carlo where James Bond gambled for his life, and been bewitched by the doings on five continents. I've traveled by land and by sea, and I can help you either way.  But whether it's an ocean cruise that lets you dabble an area of the world graciously, a river cruise that wafts you through the heart of a global destination, a land tour that takes you deeper into a territory, a custom planned trip of your dreams or some combination of all of these, I believe that travel is the greatest of all investments, because it's an investment in memories, in experiences, in knowledge, in life!


      So long as I am able, I will never run out of ports of call to beckon and intrigue me.  If the world is calling you…on your own, with family and friends, as a  motivation or reward for business associates or to share an adventure with your social or professional group, I will put a lifetime of personal knowledge and the global resources and the decades of experience of  the Cruise Holidays team at your service, to create the perfect travel experience. 


     I won’t be satisfied until I’ve made your travel experience as magical for you as it is for me.